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Vegetation Offsets (Bushbroker)

Mount RothwellVictoria’s Native Vegetation Management Framework established “net gain” as the planning objective for native vegetation management in the State. The framework requires a reversal, across the entire landscape, of the long-term decline in the extent and quality of native vegetation, leading to net gain.

In the context of native vegetation protection and clearance decisions, the framework established a three step process involving:

  • Avoiding vegetation clearance through project selection and location;
  • Minimising impacts through design and management;
  • Mitigating any losses through appropriate offsets.

Where vegetation loss cannot be avoided due to socio-economic drivers, permit applicants need to either generate offsets on their own property or obtain ‘credits’ by securing offsets on other properties.

ES Link Services understands that Permit applicants and developers often do not have the capability, capacity or risk appetite for undertaking the long term active management of natural environments for conservation, so we can provide a number of ‘hands off’ offset solutions, including facilitating the sale of credits from existing client properties, conducting extended searches for specific offset requirements on private land and/or procuring specific landholdings (with or without ongoing management services) on behalf of permit holders.

ES Link Services has an existing database of willing native vegetation credit sellers, comprising high and very high conservation significance vegetation types which can meet offset requirements across a majority of Victoria’s bioregions.

Advantages of sourcing offsets through ES Link Services:

  • Competitive pricing – efficiencies of scale means we can reduce the cost of offsets.
  • Streamlined trading process – ES Link Services has completed DSE’s Bushbroker Analyst Training, we have facilitated a large number of trades across many bioregions and have a sound working relationship with both DSE and Trust for Nature. In addition, our landholders are fully informed of the trading process and their obligations, which streamlines the negotiation process.
  • Single contact point – ES Link Services provides a single contact point for potential purchasers, especially valuable when multiple vegetation types are required across multiple sites.
  • Hands off solution – ES Link Services will do “the running around” for you, identifying suitable offset solutions.
  • Extensive network – We have an extensive network of contacts across Victoria, so can source most offset requirements.
  • Risks are managed – Permit holders have no ongoing liabilities associated with the management of vegetation, with all compliance risks transferred to the landholder or responsible authority. Our landholders are all fully aware of their management obligations and are best placed to manage the uncertainties of environmental management (weeds, pest plant and animal impacts, fire management etc.)

Don’t forget, the clearance of High Conservation vegetation can be offset with and Very High Conservation vegetation type within a bioregion, and low/medium significance vegetation can be offset with High/Very High Conservation Significance vegetation from adjoining bioregions – “trading up” can also reduce your offset requirements!

For a free, no obligation and confidential appraisal of your offset requirements contact: Nick Lewis – 0425 873 345 or