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ES Link Services provides expert advice, services and products in the following areas:


Sustainability & Carbon Management Services

ES Link Services understands that a modern business is expected to actively manage the environmental and social impacts that the business has on the wider community in which it operates. Indeed, there is growing expectation of the private sector to provide full accounting of their financial, social and environmental activities. Progressive organisations have found that developing the environmental and social aspects of their business can lead to greater financial prosperity.

Our experience, network of associates and alignment of projects to Government and community expectation ensures the maximum opportunity for a business to become truly triple bottom line by:

  • Completing Energy & Water Audits to understand your usage and identify simple opportunities for improvement;
  • Undertaking a Greenhouse Gas Emission Analysis;
  • Developing and managing Energy & Water Saving Action Plans and Projects;
  • Facilitating the development of a Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Management program;
  • Benchmarking and assessing your business against various sustainability reporting frameworks; and/or
  • Preparing or auditing Sustainability Reports

 ES Link Services provides greenhouse gas (carbon) accounting services for clients who:

  • Are seeking to understand and manage greenhouse emissions resulting from the operating activities of their business or organisation
  • Wish to estimate the greenhouse emissions from a specific project or development (embodied energy)
  • Seek to offset their emissions profile

ES Link Services also develops tailored carbon offset solutions depending on our clients’ operational and budgetary constraints. Offsets can be arranged to meet Kyoto protocol specifications, to maximise biodiversity, assist in the conservation of a particular threatened species or to support the installation of renewable energy or energy efficiency solutions.