About us


Sustainability Policy

WildlifeES Link Services is committed to the principles of sustainability. We understand the limited capacity of our natural assets and systems, and recognise our responsibility to allow our entire generation, and every subsequent generation, an equal share of those natural assets and systems. Current global activities and trends indicate this equitable access will not occur without a substantial shift in business operations.

We will be a leader, and help others to follow.

We are concerned, but committed and confident that equality within and between generations will be achieved.

On our journey, at every opportunity we will:

  • Minimise our demand on natural resource use
  • Reduce our waste and pollution through the principles of avoid, minimise, reuse and recycle
  • Appreciate the importance of biodiversity, continually seeking opportunities for its protection and enhancement
  • Educate and inform our employees, partners and clients on the impact of their activities and operations and support them in reducing this impact.
  • Promote transparency and equity throughout all business operations.  

A number of key initiatives have been adopted to deliver against these principles of sustainability, which include:

  • Minimise GHG Emissions - ES Link Services has committed to monitor and minimise it emissions through the use of public transport, renewable energy, ‘buy local’ purchasing policies and the purchase appropriate offset products.
  • Water Conservation – Through business operations and staff education reduce our draw on precious potable water supplies and support projects and initiatives that promote sustainable water management practices (such as stormwater harvesting and water reuse).
  • Support the recovery of numerous threatened species including the Eastern – barred bandicoot, Brush- tailed rock wallaby and Eastern Quoll, at Mount Rothwell, a 450 hectare feral proof fenced remnant grassland and woodland.