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ES Link Services provides expert advice, services and products in the following areas:


Marine Taxonomy and Ecology

ES Link Services has the capability to provide services in marine micro- and macroalgal and invertebrate identification, and aspects of marine ecology and impacts on marine communities. We hold considerable experience in the monitoring and assessment of impacts as diverse as the effects of underwater sound, explosives and antifouling biocides

Biofouling, Biofouling Control and Invasive Marine Pest Management

Marine Taxonomy and Ecology ES Link Services holds substantial experience and scientific expertise on marine biofouling, biofouling control and introduced marine species and their management. This provides the capability to advise on biofouling issues and technologies to effectively prevent or manage biofouling, with a strong emphasis on environmental impact and acceptability, including antifouling coatings for vessel hulls and other surfaces and marine growth protection systems for seawater piping and cooling systems. A well established understanding of the identity, biology, impacts and vectors of invasive marine pests and other introduced marine species, enables a capability to provide support on invasive marine pest management and to undertake biofouling and invasive marine species  vessel inspections.

Ship Biofouling Management Practices Survey

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries  has  contracted ES Link Services to manage a project to assess  the effectiveness of ship hull maintenance practices  to minimise  biofouling and the potential translocation of invasive marine pests.  Details are available here.