About us



Energy ManagementES Link Services is an independent consulting company that brings together a dedicated group of skills, resources and experience to facilitate the development of economically viable businesses, models and projects to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Our business was founded upon a realisation that sound financial performance was best achieved in partnership with social and environmental outcomes, which shaped our mission to assist business, government and communities to link sustainable economic returns with environmental and social outcomes.

We are proud to guide operations with our Sustainability Policy and Quality System, and have recently moved into a sustainably refurbished office complex in Castlemaine.

Through a network of professional associates that share our personalised and sustainable focus, we have the capability and experience to deliver large multi-disciplinary projects at competitive rates. ES Link Services’ approach is to engage with and work alongside the client where practicable rather than produce reports in isolation. In so doing the skills and knowledge utilised during the development of the Project are vested with the client that they can then apply to subsequent similar Projects. This approach and sharing of knowledge is an important differentiator between ES Link Services and some other firms.

A key to our success is the development of partnerships between the private sector, government and the community to manage environmental and human assets in a manner that meets the goals of established strategic plans and policies, while ensuring community prosperity and environmental protection.